Chase Rig


The Yee Ha Baits ultimate Shallow Water A Rig!



The perfect shallow water Alabama Rig, the Chase Rig from Yee Ha Baits offers anglers a small profile weightless Alabama Rig perfect for catching schooling fish.

Weightless Head

A weightless head design that allows anglers to fish extremely shallow presenting a chase mentality.

Flexible Arms

Often arms are way too rigid. Our arms allow lures to swim naturally, taking nothing away from the original action. In fact the design adds a pulse motion triggering even high pressured fish to strike.

Coastal Lock Clips

We fish salt and fresh, we’ve had clips pulled open and learned valuable lessons. There is a reason we’ve upgraded to a lock, Yee Ha Baits!

3 Arm Design

Three triggers fish to react! More? I’ve found more arms are overkill on the Angler. If you want to remain focused cast for cast, and not tax your equipment to the max, the 3 arm design is a must. This allows you to fish shallow and play your odds around structure unlike no other.